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How To Stop Forgetting Reusable Grocery Bags With 5 Simple Tips

January 19, 2019


It is not a new concept that reusable grocery bags can help significantly reduce our plastic consumption. In fact, using reusable grocery bags can prevent 1,500 single use plastic bags from being used by an average American family. While we know that we can prevent single use bag usage, why is it so hard to remember to bring those bags along?


Luckily, there are some tips and tricks for remembering those reusable grocery bags for your next grocery run:


1.  Write it Down


One way that can be incredibly easy to remember your grocery bags is to write it down on your grocery list. Most people go to the store with a list of food to buy, so why not add it to the list. Some may argue that this will not help because you might be at the store by the time you look at the list again, but it is proven that writing down an action or goal can significantly help to remembering to do that action. So give it a try and write down those grocery bags when you are making your shopping list.


2. Put Them Near The Door


Another simple technique to remembering those grocery bags is to hang them up in plain sight by the door. This is a great way to remind your on the way out of the house. It is easy to put the bags right near the door after you unpack your groceries, ensuring that they are ready for your next trip. 


3. Toss Them In Your Car


This tends to work the best for me. We leave a set of reusable grocery bags in both my car and my wife's car. No matter which one we take to the store we always have our bags ready to go. Just make sure that you put them back in the car right after you use them or else you might forget them for the next time around. 


4. Set A Reminder


If you shop for your groceries on the same day every week, it is easy to set a reminder on your phone or calendar to remember those bags. Having that reminder will keep the reusable shopping bags in your thoughts so that you will not forget them on your next trip!


5. Use Your Keys


While they may be too large to put next your keys as a reminder, try placing a note or another object by your keys to help you remember. The act of placing a reminder by your keys works for many different objects if you do not want to forget them. After all you will need your keys when you are going out the door to go grocery shopping.


All of these techniques and tips can be used to help you remember to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store. Give one or all of them a try! See if they work for you. Remember a change like reducing plastic consumption is the result of many people putting in consistent effort. It may not change over night, but if we are all a little more thoughtful about plastic usage on a daily basis we can make a large impact!


Comment if you have more suggestions, ideas or if one of these techniques worked for you! 

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